Listen to My track #ClassicHipHop freestyle "Work" - You Don't Know - Jay Z classic freestyle Released today as a tribute to JAY Z [Mixed by Deja Vu IG ; Majetiqempresscollection]

Mind.Life.Guap –“ Get your Mind Right. Get Your Life Right. Then Get Your Money Right. In That Order. It’s a Revolving Door.”

Mind.Life.Guap is a culture brand, for the uplifting of People. It represents productivity, inspiration with integrity, and quality in general. The Mind is a powerful tool that allows us to live our best Life and reach the levels empowerment that we are built to access. In urban culture the term “Guap” is used in reference to money. The Mind.Life.Guap merchandising line is simply to inspire the ambitious culture, those who can relate to a resistance to mediocrity, and a healthy way of life.

The premiere collection for Mind.Life.Guap Merchandise Apparel is THE ROYALTY SERIES.


“ I woke up this morning, took a look around and I realized that this was my life” – Royalty – by K-Victoria ( available on amazon, itunes, google play, tidal, Pandora,…)

Those lyrics in my song truly represent what The Royalty Series is all about. “KYNG” standing for “Keep Young Niggaz Gifted” and “KWEEN” standing for “Keep Women Evenly Expressed Now”


In modern-day culture, it is so important to inspire our young black males, and men of different age-brackets, to support a movement that inspires the gifts that can influence the world. The root of the acronym leads to a very powerful representation of royalty, responsibility, triumph, and success, in a new world: KYNG. The heart of a KYNG is royal, which is why it is imperative to feed the heart hope, love, and positivity in order to protect the gifts.


Spelled K W E E N to express an equivalence to the social expectation of a king. I believe that the power of a queen must be evenly expressed so that the concept is understood, independent from a king. KWEEN, standing for “Keep Women Evenly Expressed Now” pierces the notion for the female verbal, physical, and creative expression to be expanded, open, and carefree.

(Verse 2:)

“I woke up this morning and I realized that I can take on the entire world.” Royalty – K-Victoria

The lyrics to my single “Royalty” has inspired me to believe that challenges in life can be conquered, and has fueled a movement behind and through The Royalty Series.

Royalty is available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, TIDAL, PANDORA, and more

Visit www.ww.iamkvictoria.com/listen

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