Mind-Life-Guap Fashions (Mind-Life-Guap), a division of K-Victoria Music, announces today the launch of its new social media marketing campaign. The online promotions are the signature elements of Mind-Life-Guap’s new product offerings and branding strategy. “Our goal is to showcase a culture lifestyle brand which reflects the uplifting of people, healthy habits, inspiration and quality living,” said Kmisha-Victoria Counts, CEO of K-Victoria Music.

The social media strategic rollout will be promoted primarily on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Printrest and Tick Tock. Its promotional strategy will feature a staggered posting schedule with multiple posts daily throughout the five-week campaign. Messaging will include Mind-Life-Guap lifestyle principles of health, motivation, trends, treat yourself and other culturistic values. Customers will be offered all Mind-Life-Guap fashions on sale at 30% off at iamkvictoria.com/mind-life-guap. “We are proud to showcase our Royalty Series, with Kyng and Kween brands, that feature our unique format and exclusive font styling,” Ms. Counts continued.

The promotional discount of 30% off will be offered throughout the month in a Pre-Black Friday, Cyber Monday Sale. Promotional products include lifestyle t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, hats and other merchandise. Advertising for the holiday sale will be posted throughout Mind-Life-Guap online platforms in their social media. "Embrace our vision for uplifting people with a Mind-Life-Guap gift to a friend, loved one or a stranger, "Ms. Counts concluded.


Mind-Life-Guap Fashions (Mind-Life-Guap) is a culture brand for the uplifting of people.  It represents productivity, inspiration, and quality in general.  The Mind is a powerful tool that allows us to live our best Life and reach our premier levels of empowerment.  In hip-hop culture the term “Guap” is used to represent money.  The Mind-Life-Guap merchandising line is designed to inspire an ambitious culture and a healthy way of life.

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