Sharing Scars

One thing for sure, if you have a scar, let’s talk about it, especially if it’s obvious. For example, “This one I got when I fell down the stairs and hurt my leg ….” , or “This one was in grade school...”

People wrock a scar like it’s a badge. Not always, but often. “Where did you get this one?” Is a question someone might ask.

Why don’t we do that with emotional scars?

Celebrate, each other

Interestingly, are we compassionate to our emotional scars?.. “So what! You’ve got to move on!” (We may say to ourselves and others), which ultimately can lead to a lack of interest.

Don’t want someone to feel sorry? Wrock it like a badge of honor! That’s what we really want to do. This is what I survived and I’m still here!!!

But when sharing with others, It’s gotta be the same energy. Let’s celebrate what we’ve been through and that we are still standing!

We often compete with our emotional scars, but if we celebrate it like any physical ordeal, then that could make the difference of celebrating the victory, rather than wallowing in the defeat.

Songs like “Lean on Me” and “Stand by Me” were created to evolve this concept and lifestyle. Never underestimate the value of supporting one another with a positive attitude!

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