6 Inner-Demons. Don’t fight it. Acknowledge it

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The people-pleaser or "self-pleaser" : anxious, overburdened, worried

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The self-loather : always feeling bad for self; always not feeling good about something.

The over-achiever : always wants to prove and earn

The trouble-maker : finds a direction for mischief or self-sabotage in every conflict

The whiner : complaining that things aren’t good enough or "I don’t have all that I need."

The hater: seeing the low end and the bad outcome of everything I try to do to convince me I am nothing and trying to bring/keep me down.

don’t fight it,

acknowledge it, why is it here? Appreciate that it is trying to protect you and what it is trying to protect you from, and then let it go. This is a good journaling exercise.

We are healing all 202won

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