Opening Solo Act for Wyclef Jean, Maxi Priest &  Gyptian

Top 10 Tempo Network Cross Caribbean Countdown for 15 Consecutive Weeks and also Featured Two #1 Singles

Miss World Semi-finalist and Talent Winner

Apollo Theater Performances - Twice

Berklee College of Music Graduate - Honors

US Virgin Islands Legislative Bill Honoring Kmisha Counts' Outstanding Talents and Contributions to Arts and Culture

USVI Hal Jackson Talented Teen Winner

International Hal Jackson Talented Teen Finalist

Caribbean Talented Teen Winner

Miss American Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands Carnival Talent Winner

Numerous Singles and Videos Released

Countless Music Appearances, Special Recognitions

and Award Winning Achievements

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K-Victoria hails from the U.S. Virgin Islands and is an Offshore Sales Ambassador for this American territory.
Her musical talents were recognized from young and have promoted the USVI for more than two decades.  Several of her musical achievements and accolades reflect
K -Victoria's universal and broad market appeal.