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Who is K-VICTORIA? Inspiring, adventurous and thought provoking are terms best describing both my music and my person. I like to create different types of musical styles, forms of expression, and perspectives. I walk to the beat of controversial and provocative thought, as well as, inspiration and encouragement of those in need. Being true to myself is my luxury and my freedom. I believe that in authenticity, I gain my best work. I am an independent musical artist and have built the K-Victoria brand primarily through the elements of pop, reggae, and now, the hip-hop genre. R&B/Soul is the on my near horizons once a full production crew is assembled and in play. My travels and performances are broad scope from venues across the United States and the Caribbean, to exploration trips in Naples, Italy and beyond, to a live performance in Sanya, China. I was raised in the US Virgin Islands and studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s these opportunities and experiences that allowed me to develop unique influences from all over the world. Really I’m just a person with a strong drive and desire to use my gifts with no hold back, and I’m willing to share my music. Coming soon, new rebranding of K-Victoria website, new fashion line “Mind.Life.Guap”, and more about my new album, “The Dark Horse”.

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