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2021 = PLAY BALL.

Motivation: What’s the dribble, what’s the play?

It’s offense. We’re good on the defense.

I ask myself, is this fight necessary? Is this battle lucrative? As we put ourselves out there, it’s clear sometimes that disputes with others become distracting to the overall goal and mission we set out to accomplish. What did I come here to do? How is engaging in any conflict I affirm, helping me to get there?

It’s pressure when approached by life with a dysfunctional situation, especially if it is disrespectful, seeming misunderstood, or crossing any personal boundaries. I am entertaining the idea that once I stop feeling the need to go into defense, and just head down the court, my distractions disperse, because my focus becomes the play.

It’s like basketball. When you’re heading down the court, yes, there are going to be people waving their hands, sometimes distracting you, sometimes blocking you, and sometimes even fowling you. And if the game pauses, and you don’t lose your cool, you get some free throws, or you’re able to start again behind the line.

Look at professional players.

They don’t usually spend too long languishing over what happened in the play; because there is really no time! The game goes on. They grab the ball and head up the court, try to catch the rebound, form a play, shoot their shot, huddle and regroup, and/or wait for the next opportunity.

We are professional people. Not just in our occupations, but as humans, because we play this thing called life everyday. The climate is changing where we can position ourselves for the challenges of the unknown we are likely prone to face.

So what’s the dribble hand? Right or Left?

What’s the play?


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