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Mind.Life.Guap - The Mission

As individuals apart of a systematic concept we were born into, I envision Mind.Life.Guap as a culture brand,

and this blog as a place to grow and connect.

In any culture, we have the ability to see things our own way, and anything I write is “food for thought”.

This was my answer to 2020:

1)The blog; to build a conversation around the very real things we are facing, health & wellness, street fashion, creativity, and more,

and 2) The fashion brand; to promote quality material that uplifts, expresses style, and value.

Unity, culture, and mental health awareness are becoming necessary tools for prosperity and health in our society.

And definitely, the music, the creative power, and the influence of these endeavors in our culture.

I am not here to show anyone how it’s done. I can hardly be a vouch for perfection, but I can create a space where we can connect, and affirm, and have these conversations, as we move forward.

-The Royalty Series: KYNG Regal Socks- for sale now on www.iamkvictoria.com/mind-life-guap

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