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Creativity and Individuality - On The Journey

I have dreamed my whole life to be a singer. From as far as I remember. I was gathering my family in the room at 3-years old so I can stand on a crate and sing, (or rather scream) a made-up song I created along the way that was going to end when I decided so. Was that my stage? And they were my first audience. I still remember the look on their faces, super bored, like okay what is this, let’s support. (Lol.) But it fazed me not one bit. I keenly remember in my mind’s eye, that experience, It was not about how they received, but that they did. I “HAD” to get it out, and they HAD to listen.

I think a couple things have changed since then. I went through puberty, trials and tribulations that life brings, and circumstances way out of my control. Boy was that a wake-up call of the world I we live in. Pretty soon, I got bored with the bored faces, and the trying. I’m sick of trying. So hard. And if anybody doesn’t understand what I’m talking about, I would find that humorous. I have been challenged beyond my limits. And singing, as well as sharing used to be something that I did for my joy. Now I feel stuck with it, since it’s all I’ve ever done, and something I’m really good at. People usually see potential in working with me, but I’ve run from it, so here goes:

After facing certain challenges in my life that I will not disclose here, I chose to power forward. I found myself in a tilly tally with two options: “Face everything and Rise” or “Forget everything and Run”. I noticed when I changed my mind, it led me to more areas of peace. As I became more responsible for my own energy I noticed a theme in those around me, who did not yet believe that it was their responsibility to harness the world around them.

It is my hope, and my mission now, that through this blog, we are able to transcend past the challenges we face and awaken to new creativity as we put our faith in the journey and the capabilities we carry with us throughout that journey. To trust more, and to fear less, becoming "F E A R L E S S".


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