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How It All Started

It all started when I wanted to uplift my die-hard fans. I wanted to provide a type of merchandise that wasn’t similar to the norms of other artists, and singer/songwriters. The name “K-VICTORIA” on a shirt just didn't seem necessary to me. I wanted to inspire people in their daily life. I wanted the concept to resonate so they know that I truly appreciate their support and also want to encourage them to accomplish their goals. They obviously enjoyed my music which means they approved of everything that led to that opportunity for me to share. In that way they have already supported me.

In 2017 I launched the 1st Mind.Life.Guap. line live at U.S. Virgin Islands’ Fashionista Model Showcase. It was originally based on a track “Royalty” which I featured on the lucky #7 project.

From then, I ventured online and made them available on my official website,

Which is where we are at now.

Glad to take you down a beautiful memory lane.


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