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I Am Returning.

In the beginning of the year I knew that I wanted to promote the Mind-Life-Guap merchandising line as a fashion brand. I was hoping to be prepared for a June launch but as the COVID-19 international pandemic hit in March, my plans had to shift. (I was impacted like most). Soon, I found myself overburdened and outraged by the murders of George Floyd and Brianna Taylor and in search for change.

I moved into a new apartment, facing safety challenges, as well as being heavily emotionally triggered by the entire state of the country. I was inspired to take my convictions, and invest it into a company that would encourage black and brown people to truly embrace their authentic character by resonating and accepting their true value from within. This concept is not for Brown people alone. This is inspired by an Afro/New-World dilemma and resilience, an intuitive awareness of true value that is imminent, in order to empower us in the generations to come. Our core value energizes our system through our reach. This brand, blog, and merchandising line will present its featured clothing series to define a culture, and lifestyle that inspires creativity, individuality, unity as it pertains to personal empowerment, and quality in general.

Your life is a movie.

The first series is entitled The Royalty Series consisting of the statements: KYNG [Keep Young Negus Gifted] and KWEEN [Keep Women Evenly Expressed Now]. It’s so important to encourage males to embrace their creativity, and the time is now for the female voice of empowerment to be unlimited, open, and free.

My hope is that through the presentation of this blog and the promotion of this brand, we will inspire people to be empowered from within. This mission is not a race for or “towards” perfection, but about the exact opposite: having the patience and resilience to accept “flaws” while developing intuitive strategies, which help to navigate you toward your goals in love, light, and positivity. It has taken a lot of patience (for me) and channeling strong emotions to develop this brand in such a conflicting time for our current world climate. In order to truly focus, I had to take a break this year from social media and seek a quieter path.

As a black woman, I am brought to a strong conviction: To move forward with strength and resilience, we will need to pull from the root, some of the challenges and oppressions we face: Our belief in them.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” -Bob Marley


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